Rostec College Bursaries

By | December 24, 2019

Rostec College Bursaries

Rostec College Bursaries

Rostec College Bursaries

About Rostec College

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Umalusi Accreditation No: FET00722PA
DHET Exam Centre No: 89990896
Qcto Accreditation No: SDP 1220/16/0008
High School Registration No: 400420

Johannesburg Campus

Umalusi Accreditation No: FET00778PA
DHET Exam Centre No: 89998836
Qcto Accreditation No: SDP 1220/16/0009
High School Registration No: 400438

Pretoria Campus

Umalusi Accreditation No: FET00779PA
DHET Exam Centre No: 89998835
Qcto Accreditation No: SDP 1220/16/0007
High School Registration No: 400444

Bloemfontein Campus

Umalusi Accreditation No: FET00868PA
DHET Exam Centre No: 399990328
Qcto Accreditation No: SDP 1221/16/0001
High School Registration No: 3171300

Polokwane Campus

Umalusi Accreditation No: FET00955PA
DHET Exam Centre No: 799992704
Qcto Accreditation No: QCTO NATED / 14 / 0075





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