Oval Education International online Registration 2023-2024

By | April 5, 2022

Oval Education International online Registration 2023-2024

Oval Education International online Registration 2023-2024

Oval Education International Online Application 2023-2024

The Academic Registrar, Oval Education International College informs the Student Community that access to online registration for both First-year and continuing students for Semester One Academic Year is open and will be closed as scheduled by the school.

For a candidate to qualify to be a bonafide student of the University, he/she must be registered. Registration is a mandatory requirement of the University which must be done within the first three weeks from the beginning of the Semester by every student. All students will use the student portal.

The registration is done via the ITS enabler, which is a self-help/online system. The system is accessible off-campus for convenience. You don’t have to stand in long queues and don’t have to come to campus. This guide will enable you to process your online registration successfully.
Follow the steps that are provided to make this process an easy and exciting process.

Registration fee
A non-refundable registration fee of R 120.00 is payable by all applicants (for online applications). Please use the following bank details to deposit and upload the deposit slip with the rest of your required documents.

Oval Education International Necessary Documents for Registration

The Oval Education International will require the following documents from you. they include:

  • Your ID if you are a South African citizen
  • Your passport if you are an international student
  • Your parent’s ID or passport if you are younger than 18
  • National Senior Certificate if you already matriculated
  • Your final Grade 11 results with the school’s stamp
  • Grade 12 June results with the school’s stamp as soon as it becomes available. It can also be emailed to studentadmin@ufs.ac.za, especially if you have applied for a selection program
  • Your academic record, only if you are a current student at another institution of higher learning
  • USAF accreditation from the examination board for South African universities. Apply to mb.usaf.ac.za for conditional exemption, foreign conditional exemption, or mature age conditional exemption.

Step-by-step guidelines for Oval Education International Online Registration 2023-2024

  1. Log in with your student number and the pin provided to you.
  2. Select “Rules and Regulations” on the left.
  3. Read the document and take note of the contents thereof. If you agree to the rules and regulations, click on the “I accept” button at the bottom of the page.

If you do not agree, please request assistance from the Office of the Registrar. Please take note that acceptance of the rules and regulations is mandatory, and serves as your electronic signature. This indicator is stored in your student file and can be used as a legal agreement in a dispute/disciplinary matter.

  1. Select “Submit Registration” on the left.
  2. Select your employment status in the drop-down list in the field “Employment Status”.
  3. Click on “Save and Continue”; “Save and Continue Later”; or “Restart Process”.
  4. Select your subjects by ticking the box next to each subject.
  5. Ensure you select all the compulsory subjects.
  6. Select the balance of the subjects from the list of electives.

Note that you may not register for subjects where the pre-requisites have not been met. These subjects will be indicated with the X button.

  1. Click on “Save and Continue”; “Save and Continue Later”; or “Restart Process”.
  2. Click on “Save and Continue” if you are absolutely sure that you have selected the right subjects, offering types and periods of study.
  3. Click on “Print Cost Details” if you want to print the registration costs.
  4. Click on the “I Accept Registration” button to finalize the registration process.
  5. Click on “Proof of Registration” at the bottom to print your proof of registration.


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