Oval Education International Online application requirements 2023-2024

By | April 6, 2022

Oval Education International Online application requirements 2023-2024

Oval Education International Online application requirements 2023-2024

Oval Education International Online Application 2023-2024

Oval Education International Admission requirements vary depending on the type of course that you’re applying for, the academic level, and your nationality. This is mainly because universities are allowed to set their entry requirements based on their own preferences or internal policies. They set the entry requirements for each course to ensure you have the right skills and knowledge to successfully complete the course.

List of Courses/Programmes Offered At Oval Education International (OEI)

  • Marketing and Financial Management (NQF 7)
  • Marketing and Human Resource Management (NQF 7)
  • Human Resource Management and Financial Management (NQF 7)
  • Marketing Management (NQF 7)
  • Human Resource Management (NQF 7)
  • Financial Management (NQF 7)
Oval Education International Online application fee 2023-2024
A non-refundable application fee of R 120.00 is payable by all applicants (for online applications). Please use the following bank details to deposit and upload the deposit slip with the rest of your required documents.
Oval Education International application general requirements 2023-2024

Here are the Oval Education International General Admission/Application Requirements

  1. You’ll need an email address to complete the application.
  2. South African applicants will need an ID number.  Foreign applicants will need their passport numbers.
  3. Once you have received your student number from OEI, you will need to pay the application fee.
  4. Make sure your documents are scanned according to the guidelines.
  5. Your admission to OEI is dependent on you meeting the specific admission requirements for your chosen qualification.
  6. If you don’t meet these requirements, you may want to consider alternative qualifications or possibly, if you qualify, an extended program, enabling you to register for limited modules in your first year.
  7. Students who completed Grade 12 at the ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) School of Tomorrow may no longer be accepted at OEI.
  8. Some OEI qualifications have limited spaces available. Meeting the general and / specific admission requirements for a qualification does not guarantee that you will be offered a space for the 2023 academic year.

Oval Education International application requirements 2023-2024

For entry into the NVC at NQF Level 2, you require:

  •  A year-end report for Grades 9, 10, 11, or 12 or an
  •  An NQF Level 1 qualification, or
  • An approved bridging program designed for the specific purpose of accessing  NQF Level 2, or
  • A Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment to meet the basic requirements for access to NQF Level 2.

Full-Time Rated Courses
Application fee (new students only) and class fees are payable on registration.

All new applications must be accompanied by:

  • Certified copy of latest school report/statement of results/Grade 12 or N3 certificate.
  • Six certified copies of the ID of the Learner.
  • Two certified copies of ID of Parent/Guardian.
  • One ID-size photo of Learner.



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