NRF Bursary

By | December 9, 2019

NRF Bursary


NRF Bursary 2022-2023 NRF Postgraduate Scholarships

NRF Bursary

About NRF

NRF is an independent statutory body that provides funding for research, high-level personnel training, and critical research infrastructure for the production of multidisciplinary knowledge. NRF promotes South African research interest domestically and internationally.

National Research Foundation (NRF) scholarships are awarded to full-time students who are studying for a B technical honours degree and their final year of study at a public university in South Africa. These scholarships are awarded to South African citizens and are awarded to public universities in South Africa as a lump sum grant.

More information about scholarships:

The scorecard used to evaluate honors and NRF applications for the B Technology Senior Scholarship will include 40-point academic performance or average percentage of previous degrees, a 25-point path, or intention to pursue a master’s degree and a priority of 35%. investigation area.

Successful candidates who receive academic support from NRF must sign and abide by the student agreement that will be sent upon receipt of the award. Grant holders must obtain a financially supported degree within one year after the end of the NRF funds; otherwise, the funds must return interest.

NRF Bursary Requirements and Eligibility

  • Full time South African students at a South African public University
  • Students in all areas of Science, Engineering/Technology and Social Sciences/Humanities

The following are not eligible for the bursary:

  • Applicants that already hold an Honours’ or Final year B Tech degree
  • Applicants pursuing an undergraduate degree irrespective of the degree that they are enrolled for
  • Applicants’ intending to pursue Postgraduate diploma qualification

Bursary grants are based on academic merit however, priority will be given to financially needy applicants.

How to Apply and Application Details

  1. Submit an application on the NRF Online Application system at:
  2. Follow the application process set out in the Framework Document and Application Guide

The processing of applications takes approximately five months from the closing date of the application until the decisions are made.

Please Note the following:

    • The call will be accessible on the NRF Online Submission system at: from 5 September 2023.
    • The NRF deadline for submission of applications is 14 December 2023.
  • Institutions will nominate students for a bursary award on the NRF Online Submission System, based on the Block Grant allocation to each institution and set equity targets. This nomination process will take place from 23 January 2023 to 28 February 2023.
  • NRF will review the nominations and communicate the outcomes to the institutions. If the nomination is approved by the NRF, the institution will have to upload and submit the duly signed and initialed agreement form and all the relevant documentation no later than 22 March 2023.
  • Unspent or unclaimed institutional funds under this allocation will automatically be cancelled by 28 June 2023.
  • Institutions must report on student completion by 31 March  on the NRF student completion database.

Closing Date

 14 December

Contact Details

Ms Zikhona Lose
Professional Officer
Telephone: 012 481 4365

Ms Thandeka Mthethwa
Liaison Officer
Telephone: 012 481 4121

Ms Fulufhelo Malamatsho
Professional Officer –Human and Infrastructure Capacity Development
Telephone: 012 481 4166

Mr Mduduzi Tshabangu
Professional Officer – HICD
Telephone: 012 481 4148

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