JB Marks Education Trust Fund Bursary

By | January 14, 2020

JB Marks Education Trust Fund Bursary

JB Marks Education Trust Fund Bursary

JB Marks Education Trust Fund Bursary


The JB Marks Educational Trust Fund was established by the National Mining Workers Union (NUM) in 1997 to meet the need to empower NUM members and their families, especially those who are studying for certificates in the fields of construction, mining and energy…

Trust Fund Named after John Beaver Marks, John Beaver Marks is the leader and worker of South Africa. He firmly believes in empowering workers through education. The mission of this trust fund has always been to fund the education expenses of its members. Since its establishment, it has funded more than 1,000 scholarships and awarded more than 280 million rand to more than 2,000 recipients.

Most of the funding comes from the Miner Investment Fund (MIT), which is obtained through dividends from the Miner Investment Company (MIC).

The JB Marks Education Trust Fund awards scholarships to 200 prospective undergraduates and 50 graduate students every year. This scholarship is open to late, disabled, retired or retired NUM paying members or former NUM members, as well as their family members (only children and spouses).

  • Registration fee
  • Tuition
  • Exam fee
  • Designated textbook
  • Accommodation
  • Meal

They will also cover access to;

  •  Tutors for extra lessons capacity building program and, if possible, exchange student programs.
  • Successful candidates will be contacted with an acceptance letter – if you do not receive any correspondence, regard your application as unsuccessful.

Documents Needed To Apply For JB Marks Education Trust Fund Bursary

Applicants must satisfy the following minimum entry criteria before applying (please note that failure to satisfy all the requirements will lead to your application not being considered):

  • Paid up NUM member or official OR a former member or official (now retired/ disabled/ retrenched)
  • Dependant of a NUM member or former member (children and spouses only)
  • Studying towards a undergraduate or postgraduate qualification (full-time, part-time or correspondence)
  • Studying at a recognised tertiary institute (University or FET College)
  • NOT currently in receipt of any other funding
  • Postgraduate applicants – an existing JB Marks bursary recipient, continuing with your postgraduate studies within 1 year of completing your undergraduate qualification


Applications must be done online at: http://jbmarksedutrust.co.za/BurseryApplication.aspx

Alternatively, you may collect a hard copy of the application form at your nearest NUM regional office.

Submit clear copies of the following supporting documentation along with your online application (the submission of these documents is compulsory – if any items are missing, your application be disregarded):

  • Applicants ID document (certified copy)
  • NUM member or officials ID document (certified copy)
  • NUM member or official’s latest payslip
  • Latest academic school results (certified copy)
  • Academic acceptance letter confirming that the student is enrolled in studies

Postgraduate students must also submit the following:

  • Motivational letter
  • Full academic record
  • Fee quotation


(Applications open from the second week of March each year)
(Applications submitted after this date will not be accepted – please apply before the closing date to ensure your application is considered.)


For any queries related to this bursary programme, please contact the JB Marks Education Trust Fund directly:
Tel: 011 492 0601
Fax: 011 492 0953
Email: info@jbmarksedutrust.co.za

JB Marks Education Trust Fund BursaryJB Marks Education Trust Fund Bursary

for more info visit jbmarksedutrust.co.za

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