Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Programme (DAFI) Scholarship

By | December 31, 2019

Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Programme

Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Programme (DAFI) Scholarship

Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Programme (DAFI) Scholarship

 About Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee

The Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative Fund (German: Deutsche Akademische Flüchtlings Initiative Albert Einstein or DAFI) scholarship programme offers refugee students the possibility to pursue an undergraduate degree in their country of asylum. Through the dedicated support of the German Government, and additional private donors, UNHCR was able to support over 9,300 young refugees since 1992.

The DAFI programme

The DAFI programme provides scholarships to refugees in their first country of asylum over a period of 4 years. The awards cover a wide range of costs from tuition fees and study materials to food, transport, accommodation and other allowances. Close monitoring, academic preparatory and language classes based on students’ needs, as well as activities encouraging peer support, are among examples of further resources available to DAFI students.

The quality and success of the DAFI programme is partly based on the thorough selection process which not only takes high academic achievement into account, but also considers vulnerability criteria, the students’ motivation and their community engagement. This process ensures a diverse, inclusive and highly motivated group of DAFI scholars.

The strategic priorities of the DAFI programme are to:

  • Develop human capital of refugee communities to contribute to durable solutions, including rebuilding political, economic and social structures upon repatriation;
  • Promote self-reliance of the sponsored students through opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship;
  • Empower students to contribute knowledge, skills and leadership to the refugee community, and to facilitate peaceful coexistence with host communities during displacement;
  • Strengthen the protective impact of education by encouraging lifelong learning for young refugees;
  • Foster future role models for refugee children and youth to demonstrate the impact of education on individuals, communities and societies.

Who Can Apply (DAFI) Scholarship

To be eligible, candidates should normally meet all the following criteria:

  • be in possession of a valid Refugee Permit/Section 24;
  • have successfully completed secondary school with grades above the average standard;
  • have no other means of support for tertiary education studies;
  • should be below 35 years old for undergraduate studies;
  • must be admitted at a government owned institution for full time studies and should have obtained a letter of admission or provisional admission letter;
  • study courses, such as medicine or engineering, are exceptionally granted on a case-by-case basis and normally only to students who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance.

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