About Us


About Us

Continentlist.com is the leading platform that focuses on Education, application requirements , admission processes to Universities in South Africa. The Blog also covers Online Applications tutorials and Everything on How TO’s in education.

continentlist.com offers professionally organize and relevant recruitment updates, educational contents, relevant resources and information for South African University students and applicants.

We are NOT Agent that takes money from any student to influence admission to any university or college. Admission into any university is STRICTLY by merit. We DO NOT ask for money to influence admission or act as Agent. Please be aware!!!

Overall Goal of continentlist.com

To professionally organize and provide relevant educational How To’s contents, relevant resources and information for South African students.

What We Offer

continentlist.com aims to be a relevant educational resource offering all online tutorials. It provides step by step guide and updates for students from different schools and for different educational purposes, as well as information on online application Tutorials to any university in South Africa


All names, acronyms, logos and trademarks displayed on this website are those of their respective owners. Unless specified, continentlist.com  is not in any way affiliated with any of the institutions featured in this website. It is always recommended to visit an institution’s official website for more information.


There are 3 ways in which you can apply:

METHOD 1: On the NSFAS website (if you wish to apply online, follow the instructions below)
1) Create your myNSFAS account here: https://my.nsfas.org.za/mynsfas/selfservice.html
You will be required to provide the following information when registering an account: username, password, ID number, cellphone number and email address
2) You can then login using your selected username and password
3) Complete the application form by clicking the “apply” button
4) When you have filled in all the required information (do not leave any fields blank), you can upload electronic copies of your supporting documents (as listed below). Once all your documents have been uploaded, click the “submit” button to receive your reference number